"The Way of the Neuron"
Do You Know....NEURON-DO®?

NEURON-DO® provides martial art instruction through an approach that integrates physical movements with cognitive strategies.  NEURON-DO®, translated as "The Way of the Neuron" was created by Dr. Douglas DeMassa, to teach TaeKwon-Do in a format that is in harmony with the student's nervous system.  When a student learns NEURON-DO® they will gain greater knowledge from the martial arts and will have a more enjoyable experience.  NEURON-DO® has been found to be helpful in teaching students of all ages and abilities.  Students diagnosed with a wide range of conditions* have found success with NEURON-DO®

* ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, Pain (ie: back, hip, knee, shoulder), Depression, Anxiety, and even Vertigo.CLICK HERE FOR DISCLAIMER  

® is a registered trademark of Douglas DeMassa 




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Concepts learned in

Attention Skills
Visual Spatial Skills
Cognitive Processing
Short-Term Memory

Discriminatory Processing
Impulse Control
Kinesthetic Awareness
Sensory-Motor Coordination
Reaction Speed

Non-Verbal Communication
Task Shifting
Postural Training

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